Friday, 20/10/2017 | 6:59 UTC+0
Top World News
  • Chennai Retains the Third Position as the Costliest Place in India

    An average estimated increase of five percent increase in footwear and clothing and an increase of fourteen percent in the house rentals has made Chennai the third most expensive city in the nation. A New York based HR consulting firm has estimated that the city Chennai comes after Mumbai, which is the country’s costliest city

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  • United States Fall On Europe, Business Outlook

    United States fell for a 4th session as the U.S-dollar advanced on ambiguity over Europe, and engine producer Cummins Inc. decreased its sales estimate, adding to major disquiets about 2nd quarter earnings. The Chief Investment Officer at well-known Harris Private Bank, Jack Ablin, who marked up the intensified fatalities to Cummins’s reduced stance, said that

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