Friday, 20/10/2017 | 6:42 UTC+0
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  • US Authorities’ Step-Up Their Alertness in Wake of a Potential Hezbollah Threat

    As the Trump administration is giving indications that it would not re-certify the nuclear deal with Iran, there are intelligence reports that the Shi’ite terror organization, Hezbollah might hit the US. Hezbollah, which is considered a terrorist organization by the United States, has its roots in Lebanon. Nicholas Rasmussen, the Center Director of National Counterterrorism

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  • More Than 60 Rohingya Drowned in Myanmar

    According to the sources, more than 60 Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar have drowned when their boat capsized. In the conference on Wednesday, United Nations said that it is the world’s fastest-growing refugee emergency and they have to take serious measures otherwise things would become much worse. It is reported that the refugees drowned in

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  • Cruise Missiles Launched by Russia at IS Stronghold in East Syria

    Seven cruise missiles were launched by Russia on Thursday. The targets were the Islamic State in Deir-el-Zour province in East Syria. The pro government forces targeted the militants that had holed up in this capital. The Russian Defense Ministry even organized a trip for the journalists to witness this attack. They were made to watch

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  • Hurricane Irma Causes Landfall in Caribbean

    Hurricane Irma has become the most powerful storm in Atlantic according to records. It hit the islands of North East Caribbean in the early hours of Wednesday and caused immense damage on its way to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. It is a category 5 storm that is packing winds with a speed of 185

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