Friday, 20/10/2017 | 6:41 UTC+0
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Cruise Missiles Launched by Russia at IS Stronghold in East Syria

Seven cruise missiles were launched by Russia on Thursday. The targets were the Islamic State in Deir-el-Zour province in East Syria. The pro government forces targeted the militants that had holed up in this capital.

The Russian Defense Ministry even organized a trip for the journalists to witness this attack. They were made to watch the missile target from the deck of Admiral Essen frigate of Russia. These seven cruise missiles were launched by two submarines from Mediterranean Sea.

Last week, the forces of Syrian government broke a siege around the city that had lasted for three years with the help of an air cover by Russia. This siege had been laid around the city on the river of Euphrates.

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, the ministry spokesman informed the reporters that these seven missiles had hit targets in the south east direction of Deir-el-Zour and destroyed a communication hub, command centre and ammunition depot. The number of IS fighters who have died was not known to them.

Russia has been constantly providing military backup to forces of Bashar Assad, President of Syria since the year 2015. The country is known to target such missiles from time to time from both land as well as sea.

A reporter from Associate Press who was watching the attack from the Admiral Essen frigate’s deck said that he saw three missiles at first, which were later joined by four more missiles. He said there were trails of smokes in the sky and two submarines had emerged and become visible at the horizon.

After the pro-government forces broke the siege, they have been fighting with the militants inside the city and brought about 60 percent of the city under their control.

At the moment, the militants still have control over some rural areas on the outskirts of the city and have been surrounded by Syrian troops on three sides.



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