Friday, 20/10/2017 | 6:41 UTC+0
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Hurricane Irma Causes Landfall in Caribbean

Hurricane Irma has become the most powerful storm in Atlantic according to records. It hit the islands of North East Caribbean in the early hours of Wednesday and caused immense damage on its way to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

It is a category 5 storm that is packing winds with a speed of 185 miles per hour. The National Hurricane Centre reported that it made the first landfall at 2 AM on Barbuda and then went straight towards St. Martin in the morning. The areas of Anguilla, Saint Barthelemy and other islands experienced flooding, severed phone service and electricity and major damage to several buildings.

A cabinet meeting was held in Paris where the French Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb said that 4 highly durable buildings at St. Martin were destroyed by the storm, which suggests that rustic buildings are either fully or partially destroyed.

The Hurricane Centre reported that the heart of Irma storm passed over the areas of British Virgin Islands in the afternoon. At 2 PM, the eye of the hurricane was 7 miles North West of Road Town, which is the capital of this territory and about 20 miles North East of St. Thomas, which is situated in the US Virgin Islands.

After hitting the Virgin Islands, the storm moved in the North West direction and was expected to hit Puerto Rico in the North East.

It has been predicted that the southern islands of Bahamas along with parts of Caicos and Turks will get submerged under 15 to 20 feet of water on Thursday. A red alert has been issued in all the areas that are spanning across the expected trajectory of the storm. The locals are being warned and the security forces have started making preparations to brace the impact of this storm.



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