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Why Should You Become a Civil Engineer?

One of the promising and fulfilling group of engineering in Civil Engineering. A career in Civil Engineering is very rewarding and involves various responsibilities like design, construction, supervision and analysis of public and private civil projects like apartments, dams, bridges, highways and water sewages. This profession requires both supervision and administration skills. The amount of dedication and creativity exhibited by a civil engineer can be seen in his various projects.

A career in Civil Engineering will help you get into some of the interesting jobs in both public and private sectors. You can be a part of the team involved in design, construction and supervising some of the innovative projects. Apart from this, there are plethora of Civil Engineer Jobs Opportunity in railways, consulting firms, municipal corporations and defense force. This involves specialization in various fields like geotechnical, coastal, environmental, construction and transportation. Though the salary of a Civil Engineer is dependent on his experience, additional skillsets like Visual Basic, Project Management, Engineering Design and others will help increase your market value.

Before we dive into the prospects and lucrative Civil Engineer jobs opportunity, let’s learn and understand the various fields and their opportunities. As a Civil Engineer, you can choose to pursue your career in Designing, Planning and Construction of a project. A Civil Engineer is expected to be good and proficient in designing the structures. Knowledge about various engineering software tools like Staad Pro, TopoCAD, AutoCAD and Auto Tum adds value to your professional resume. If you wish to channelize your career into construction, you will find many job opportunities where you can work on various projects from simple to mega levels of execution. Candidates who are interested in planning and wish to pursue their career in planning and project management, also have a huge demand in the market. Being proficient in tools like Primavera and MS Project will be a value addition.

After a few years of experience, a Civil Engineer can also move into management and consulting roles. The unemployment ratio is very less among civil engineers, which proves that you stand a better chance of being employed. To summarize the various pros of the job of a civil engineer, we can put it as follows. The architecture of various iconic structures and monuments like the Burj Khalifa, The Gateway of India and others have the expertise and dedication of a Civil Engineer behind them. You will earn fame and wealth in this career path.



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